Monday, April 4, 2011

Magoomba Monday

What a busy and fun week!

- after the usual school, ballet and baseball all week, Friday the kids stayed home with Joe while I took Kuma to puppy class. Our little guy is so smart and we are learning some really cool things like to wait before going out a door (or potentially the car). I also learned that I use the word "come on" A LOT, so we may have to choose another signal word when he learns to come since the word has little meaning to him since I say it all the time.

- Saturday was BUSY. We made it to Home Depot to make plantar boxes at the kids workshop, headed over to Jake's game, which was so windy I was fairly convinced that we were in the Wizard of Oz. Jake's best friend Sam came to watch the game and stayed for a play-date afterwards.

-Later that evening I took the kids to see a local production of Pinocchio. It wasn't as good as Aesop's Fables, which we saw at the same theater last spring but it was pretty cute. Jadyn was starstruck. I am pretty sure if we keep going to plays, she is going to get bit by the acting bug if she isn't already. She asked how old she would have to be to perform on stage. I love that she is so outgoing like that.

- Sunday of course was Warrior Dash. Never fear. If you haven't already gotten a giggle out of the photos I posted on Facebook, I will be devoting an entire post to the race tomorrow. It was fun. Joe was a good sport waiting with the kids and taking lots of great pictures for me. This event pretty much ate up most of our Sunday.

- Spoiler alert if you are not caught up on the Amazing Race but we were all pretty sad to see Marge and Luke eliminated last week after Luke couldn't find the right flavor tea. First of all it was very hard to see him get so frustrated with himself, although the encouragement he got at the end of the task was heartwarming. I had to cry listening to the mother/son duo communicate their feelings about each other and the experience of the race at the end. Wow. That is why they call it the amazing race. Very touching. They will be missed. And, it was a great, great learning experience for Jake and Jadyn who until this show, had never really been exposed to anyone with a hearing impairment or sign language to that extent.

- Fringe has miraculously been renewed for a fourth season. I am so excited. Thank you Fox for seeing that a loyal and dedicated fan base can be enough for a deserving show. Just goes to prove, it does not always have to be about the numbers.

- Still all the usual this week - more ballet, baseball and school but the kids have off Friday for parent/teacher conferences, which we can bypass since I see Jake's teacher every week. I am trying to decide what fun activity we can do while still giving us some time to relax. I think we are all in need of a little downtime.

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Joanna said...

A mom that says "come on" a lot? not surprising at all.