Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's never a good sign when I don't get a chance to do my Magoomba or other blog post on Monday.

- our week was going along quite nicely until Wednesday when Jake woke up lethargic. A fever confirmed that he was indeed coming down with something. As the week progressed, Jake's illness paralyzed us as he had to miss two days of school, two baseball games and whatever else was on our calendar for those days. This included Friday, which was a day off from school for parent-teacher conferences. Boo. I had hoped to do something fun and this snuggle session on the catch watching movies was NOT what I had in mind:

- Then again, it was not like the weather was cooperating. Can someone please let it know that is is spring and a sudden sprinkling of snow in April is completely unacceptable?

- I did still manage to take Kuma to puppy class. This week's lesson was down, stay, and leave it. I thought it would take awhile for him to get down but with liver treats in hand, Kuma will do just about anything for me and he picks up on what it is he needs to do to earn that treat fairly quickly. We are also working on shake and the leave it command will allow us to eventually leave a treat on his noise. Cool stuff guys!

- By Saturday, Jake's fever had not gone away. A (thankfully) quick trip to urgent care confirmed my suspicions. Jake had an ear infection.

-By Sunday, Jake was starting to feel better. We made a paper chain with links representing the number of days until his birthday. He is getting excited. Less than 2 weeks now!:

The kids also had a little snuggle session with Kuma on Sunday. Is there anything cuter together than a kid with their puppy?:

Even cuter, when the snuggling turns to play:

We watched A LOT of movies in the last week (big understatement). This included me finally seeing 127 hours. The film is really well done. I remember when the story about Aron Ralston broke on the news several years ago. His story is incredible. I was so amazed at how he was able to survive and rescue himself. I even went online and watched the 6 part Dateline series, "Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon" where Tom Brokow went back to the canyon with Ralston around the 6 month anniversary of the accident. I highly recommend this for anyone who has seen the movie or is just interested in learning more about Ralston's triumph.

So that about wraps it up for now. Like I said, Jake's illness put a pretty big kink in any plans we had. Right now I am just holding out hope that no one else gets sick, or at least not as bad as he did.


Mel said...

Is it just my imagination, or has Kuma grown A LOT?

Angela said...

LOL, because Mel said exactly what I was going to say :-) Someone's been eating her puppy-wheaties!