Monday, March 28, 2011


- So Friday was Kuma's first puppy education class. Would you believe me if I told you that there are 3 puppies in the class and one of the other ones is a yellow lab named Kuma? And here we thought we had found a somewhat unique name. Bah.

- Saturday Jake had a game. They changed pitching machines and the the one we are now using is a little bit more the speed I was expecting. Jake went 3 for 3 and even played catcher one inning. How cute is he in all that gear?:

And up to bat:

- When Jake and I got back from his game, Jadyn was over at the neighbors playing with their little girl, who it turns out is in third grade, so not too terribly older then our kids. Her and Jadyn were getting along famously. Then the ice cream truck came by. These two events may seem rather ordinary to many but for us, it was just further proof that we made the right decision when we moved. Night and day from our old neighborhood. Not to mention the fact that the ice cream truck would not be coming by unless we were finally having SPRING weather so yeah for that too. Because this is how we were dressed for the first game of the season on Wednesday night. Seriously cold, windy and absolutely miserable for the spectators and players alike:

- Later on Saturday, I drove the kids down to spend the night with their cousins Madison and Ethan (thank you Uncle Tony and Aunt Tawnya). They had a blast going to a make your own pizza dinner party and having a bonfire with smores. Apparently Jadyn wouldn't go to sleep that night and is still insisting that she stayed up the whole night (mind you it was only her second night staying away from Joe and I).

Jadyn and Madison making pizzas (photo courtesy of Tawnya):

Jake and Ethan enjoying smores (photo courtesy of Tawnya):

- Meanwhile with the kids gone, Joe and I decided to have a date night in. We got Thai take-out from a local place I have been meaning to try for ages and we watched The Town with Ben Affleck. The food, the movie and the chance to hang out sans kids were all good.

- Sunday, Joe went to pick up the kids and then took on the large task of putting together the new swing set that is serving as both the kids birthday presents. Yes, they are getting it early so as to be able to fully enjoy it for the entire spring. Putting together these things takes an enormous amount of work and by the time the kids were home from school on Monday, it was ready for them to test out:

- But back to Sunday for a moment. Anyone want to guess what time Jadyn passed out on Sunday evening after not sleeping all night Saturday? That would be 5:30 p.m. and she slept straight through until 7 a.m. Monday morning.

- Jadyn also had a her costume fitting on Monday for her dance recital. She looked adorable. The costume is adorable. I.simply.cannot.wait.

- And another thing I have been waiting for is fast approaching. Warrior Dash is (gulp) this Sunday. I know it will be a blast. I am still nervous. I am not an obstacle, jump over fire and get dirty kind of girl. Some moments I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I signed up. Then other moments I just can't wait.

- I know everyone is probably so sick of hearing me say this but Fringe! Fringe! Fringe! Just when I think it could not possibly get any better. Bam! Throws me for another loop and I am on the edge of my seat. Why are you not watching Fringe?

And with that, begins another busy, fun-filled week. At least the weather seems to be cooperating.


Lindsay said...

I can't believe there was another Kuma! How did they come up with it?

And that surf board thing is too cool. I'll have to look for that if we ever upgrade.

LauraC said...

You will have a blast at WD! Enjoy!

Joanna said...

This post is just filled with awesome. Great neighbors, ice cream, smores, surf boards on swing sets, date night. Very cool.

LOL about running into another Kuma. so typical.

Enjoy WD! It's so worth the mud.