Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I am going to have to work my backwards a little as I attempt to recover from our busy weekend. I am certainly glad that Jake's birthday doesn't always fall so close to Easter.

Saturday evening after Jake's party, we dyed Easter eggs. Jadyn is a huge fan of hard boiled eggs and both kids really enjoy coloring them:

Sunday morning, the kids woke up to baskets from the Easter bunny filled with fun stuff like new crayons, hot wheels and bubbles. I don't even remember why Jadyn wouldn't cooperate in this picture. I think she was still in the process of waking up:

After baskets, then it was time to get ready to go to Joe's sister's house for Easter brunch. I decided to take some pictures before we left because things are always so chaotic when you are having fun with family. We set the timer for this family shot:

May I introduce you to Jadyn's Easter dress? I have named it "the ridiculous dress". Ever since the first time she saw it when Target first put out their little girls spring dresses, she has wanted this dress. I never found anything else that we both really liked, so when this dress went on sale, I gave in and got it for her. I think it is a little much, hence the name "ridiculous" but I also have to admit, she looks ridiculously cute in it too:

And Jake, looking handsome in his Easter best:

As we started driving toward our destination, it became clear that not everyone was enjoying the sunny pleasant weather we have been having in the desert as it was overcast and chilly and even drizzling. Luckily it cleared up enough for the kids to do their Easter hunt and with all the goodies they got, it would seem they made out like bandits:

Here they are with the their cousins Aidan and Lilly:

And the ridiculous dress became even more infamous as little gnats kept getting caught in the tulle of Jadyn's dress while she was roaming around in the grass. It was pretty funny!

I always enjoy Easter brunch with Joe's family and this year was no exception. Now I really want to enjoy the kids spring break because that is exactly what this tired out mommy needs.


Karen said...

I love Jadyn's dress! Part of the fun of girls is getting to dress them over the top sometimes. Beautiful pictures.

Mel said...

I LOVE Jadyn's dress, and the ballet flats are great!