Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SoCal Warrior Dash

So it's been a year now since I started "running". I have done the 5K race and am not quite ready for anything longer. In the last year however, I have seen pictures and heard stories from several blog friends who have ran the Warrior Dash in other parts of the country. For those not familiar it is a 3 mile run with obstacles along the way. It is similar to a mud run, although it doesn't take itself quite as serious. Many people opt to wear costumes. you get a Viking-type helmet in addition to the requisite finisher t-shirt and medal as well as beer and turkey legs to celebrate your victory. It is very out of character for me to do something like this but it sounded like fun and I figured what the heck.

And as race day approached what the heck was quickly becoming what the heck did I get myself into? But I jest. Luckily I had my local bestie Rose and a few of her friends as well and we decided to become team "Run like a Mother". Here we all are before the race. So glad Erica's husband Will came along as well, as he took some awesome pictures and videos along the way:

A couple of things I will always remember about this race:

1) Rose getting kicked square in the eye on obstacle #1, climbing hay bales.

2) Thinking I was oh so smart for rolling across the top of the cargo crawl. I am pretty sure that is where 90% of my bruises came from. It hurt!

3) The costumes! Amongst my favorite were the smurfs, the black and white swan duo and the two girls dressed like Tiger's Blood. People really get creative.

4) Actually hearing other people refer to us as "Team Mom" along the course. We were famous yo!

5) Having Jake run along side me and cheering me on (from the spectator side, of course) between the final two obstacles of jumping over the fire and crawling through the mud.

6) Jadyn's grave concern that I was going to catch on fire.

7) My regretful decision to wear yoga pants, which between the water and mud became so heavy, I literally had to hold them up as I crossed the finish line.

The final cargo net climb:

Running toward the final obstacles:

Jumping over the fire:

Crawling through the mud:

Unlike my friend's experience with Warrior Dash, while I did get muddy, I did not get nearly as muddy as I thought I would and I know that will greatly disappoint some who I think really wanted to see me covered head to toe. I was fully expecting and willing to get that messy, it just didn't happen for me. Not for lack of trying however!

Here I am at home, sporting my Warrior Dash helmet, t-shirt and medal. I was teaching Jadyn how to make mean warrior-like faces or something like that:

And if the pictures were not enough, Will was kind enough to put together a video montage of us along the race. It wasn't nearly as embarrassing for me as I thought it would be.

A friend on Facebook asked me what was next. Well, I might consider Warrior Dash an annual thing, but don't be expecting races like this to become a regular occurrence. It was fun but man, am I sore!


Angela said...


LauraC said...

And when I saw a picture of you in those pants, I said to Jon that was going to be basically a sheet of mud when you were done.

Beth said...

So awesome Jen! You rock. Congrats, and so glad you had fun. :-)

Joanna said...

Oh no, not yoga pants! Oops. That was one advantage of the superwoman costume, nothing to fall down.

I'm deeply sorry that you did not get muddier. If I was there, I could have fixed that for you.

Carrie77 said...

WOW! Love all the photos. I really need to do this one day. Does anyone ever catch on fire from the fire jump? Ha!

Kara said...

LOVE IT!!! So awesome that you have all of these pictures and video too! I can not wait to do this race in August.

Mel said...

Awesome pics! Love the hat!