Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jake's 7th birthday

Jake's birthday and party were this last Saturday. He really wanted a military inspired theme. I have to admit, it wouldn't have been my first choice but it was what Jake wanted so I ran with it. Here is the invitation with my artfully blocked out personal information:

And the set-up the day of the party:

Rose did the cupcakes and they came out really cool, not to mention yummy:

The kids took advantage of the gorgeous weather we were having and started the party jumping in the trampoline and playing on the swing set:

This is one happy birthday boy:

You can't have a military themed party without getting a new Nerf gun as one of your gifts:

I decided that since his birthday was the day before Easter, I would send the kids on a mission to hunt for eggs. Thanks to the dollar store, I found camo print baskets and eggs to give out as the guests loot bags:

After the egg hunt, the kids all wanted to use the water guns that were given out in their baskets so I filled up Kuma's little pool and let them have at it. It turned out to be the highlight of the party.

Check out Jadyn in this picture. The girls all hunkered down in the fort and tried to splash the boys as they ran past:

Jake cheated a little by breaking out in his super soaker. I guess it's a new take on the old song, "It's my party!":

After the other guests had left, here are the kids hanging out with their cousins:

And a family shot that Kuma chose to be included in, which was pretty funny. He even sat and looked at the camera when directed:

Of course by the end of the day, we were all exhausted but our mission was accomplished. The party was a success and Jake had a great birthday.


Joanna said...

Awesome! I love the family photo with Kuma in it.

But seriously, 7 years old? slow down!

Mel said...

Awesome party! The cupcakes were just perfect!

Janna said...

Dang girl! You do awesome birthday parties! Happy Birthday to Jake!