Friday, November 12, 2010

Show me the Mommy - Workout Edition

I just could not have brought everything together more perfect than this if I had planned it (me plan? wink wink).

Here is me prior to my walk/run this morning taken with Joe's camera phone (phone photo Friday anyone?) I have been taking Nago (the subject of my last post) with me for a short warm-up around the block and then dropping her off before the bulk of my walk/run.

I am so beyond ecstatic that the weather has finally cooled down enough for me to go on walk/runs outside in our neighborhood. I love it. I look forward to it. It is invigorating. I took my phone with me this morning so I could take some pictures during my workout.

We have A LOT OF quail around here. And I mean A LOT. One of the retired neighbors puts out seed for them but they cross the street from the field across the way to get there. So someone made a sign to help people be more aware. I thought it was so cute!

One thing I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about our new neighborhood is that we have a quite a few mature trees. I can actually see the change of the seasons. You have no idea how rare this is when you live in the desert.

Here is the hill I walk up to get my blood pumping. I can't even imagine running up this hill.

View from the top. Our house is quite a ways up this hill so don't think I walked all that way.

More typical desert views while on the run portion of my workout.

I wish I could have captured the essence of landscape I encounter better than I did, but I guess this is better than nothing!


Mel said...

I love the pics of the dessert landscape. We kind of wanted to drive through some of that when we were out there, but we ran out of time.

LauraC said...

Love seeing where you run. I hate desert running because you can see for so far. Makes me feel like I haven't gone anywhere!

Angela said...

So pretty! And so different from the view here. I love running so close to nature, its the best :-) Thanks for sharing!!

Mel said...

Just reading the comments and realizing that you have a desert landscape, not a dessert landscape. Although that would be pretty sweet :P