Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Thankful Tree

I am not a super crafty person but I like trying to do seasonal or holiday crafts with the kids when I can find ones that are fairly simple so I was really excited when my friend Lindsay posted a link on Facebook to this Saving Simple blog. There are a ton of great ideas and most of them really are simple.

And as I have mentioned I love Thanksgiving but hate how it gets overshadowed by Christmas so when I saw the entry for the "I'm Thankful Tree" I jumped at the chance to get into the spirit of giving thanks. This is a truly great way to count your blessings and we really do have so many!
Here is our tree after the first night:

I have allowed the kids to give thanks for some things that are more on the materialistic side. I think it is totally fair that they want to be thankful for things like Nascar, Santa and the elves that make cool toys. But the sweetest moments have come when Jadyn said she was thankful for not only our pets, but all the animals across the world and Jake said he was thankful to have healthy food to eat. The other items on our tree of thanks so far include good health, Daddy's job, our new house, family, grandparents, kids and holidays. I just can't wait to see what they come up with next.


Joanna said...

That's a cute idea. I'd steal that from you if it wasn't so close to Thanksgiving and I wasn't still extremely behind on everything.

Angela said...

That's adorable! I think the materialistic thing goes with the age--its super sweet when they come up with the non-materialistic things on their own!!