Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ninja Turtles Bid Adieu

This past weekend was all about soccer as both the kids had their last games of the season and team parties to celebrate. It was also my worst nightmare come true as it was the first time all season that Jake and Jadyn's games were scheduled at the same time at opposite ends of the complex.

I thought I had it all worked out and then at the last minute Joe got called into work, not to mention that the weather turned wintery almost over night. It was cold and windy. Joe said I looked like I was dressed for snow but you know what? At least I was comfortable out there on the field.

So why was this my worst nightmare? I mean I missed both the kids games the weekend I went to Vegas. But this was their last game and so far neither child had scored a goal all season. I was really worried that I was going to miss Jake finally score a goal (although I had prepared him not to be upset if he didn't because he had a great season defending his teams goal and I am sure because of him, numerous goals by the other team were prevented.) So does anybody want to guess if either child scored a goal and whether I was there to witness it??????

If you guessed that Jadyn scored a goal and that yes, I did indeed miss seeing it for myself then you guessed right. She was on fire for the last game. It's like she finally got what soccer was all about. That I did get to see during my time watching her game. I just didn't actually get to see her score. Despite that, I am super proud of her. She really surprised me and has already told me she wants to play again next year. And at her pizza party after the soccer game, she was on cloud 9 because after seeing Jake get awarded several trophies, she finally had a trophy all her own:

On Sunday, Jake's team had a wonderful end of season party at the bowling alley and it was a lot of fun for everyone. I have really enjoyed having Jake on this particular team. Sometimes you really bond with the kids and their parents and this was certainly the case this year. I also really, really liked his coaches. Therefore we are really going to miss seeing everyone from week to week. Here is Jake enjoying the bowling with a few of his teammates:

And the best I could get of him being awarded his trophy:

With the cold weather moving in, the season could not have ended at a more perfect time. As I have mentioned before, I am glad to have our weeknights and Saturdays back to ourselves for now (at least until baseball season starts in March) but the kids had so much playing soccer, this ending is definitely bittersweet.

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Joanna said...

You are truly a soccer mom. It sounds like you enjoy it almost as much as the kids.