Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magoomba (not Monday)

So this post didn't happen on Monday and let me tell you why. Because germs invaded the Funny Nose household last week. Jake woke up in the middle of the night way back last Sunday with the tell-tale cough of a barking seal. During the day he was fine. No symptoms and no fever so I sent him to school. This continued until Wednesday morning when on top of a horrible night up coughing, he woke up with a fever. I took him the doctor expecting a diagnosis of croup and a prescription of steroids and instead was surprised with a diagnosis of bronchitis and prescription of antibiotics.

So one can look at it two ways - cup half full would be we had a 4 day weekend with no obligations (no school, no soccer) so we were able to relax and recoup. Cup half empty would be that we essentially had to waste 4 days of glorious weather in which I had grand plans of going for a hike up in the national park, visiting the zoo and taking advantage of Knott's Berry Farms Salute to Veterans where we can visit the park for dirt cheap. And of course no surprise Jadyn woke up on Friday morning sick and didn't really start feeling better until Tuesday (hence my lack of blogging).

I was able to get some stuff done however. I went shopping on Saturday and got a lot of wardrobe updating out of the way. I made a lot of progress in the way of planning for our big Thanksgiving Day feast next week AND despite still not operating at 100%, we were able to visit the preserve and have our family photos taken for our holiday cards. So my "to do" list got significantly smaller.

Joe also had a productive weekend as he got a new table saw (used, but new to him) and built cabinets for the garage. See how much the kids loved being set in them when he was finished? (he still wants to add doors):

But all that hard work and taking care of sick kids can take a toll. That is why its a good thing to have someone to snuggle up with when you take a snooze on the couch:

When Jake returned to school on Monday, he had a big week ahead of him as it was his week to be the VIP student. Here he is with the poster he completed over the weekend that is all about him. No real surprises but in case you can't read the poster -
Favorite food: General Tsao's chicken, favorite color: orange, what he wants to be when he grows up: pit crew chief. The only surprise to me was his favorite book: SkippyJon Jones Lost in Spice. I guess I just got a good idea for a stocking stuffer!

And since I am writing my magoomba post on Wednesday night I can let everyone know that Nago's surgery went very well. The mass was very close to a muscle and major blood vessel but he was able to get it all and although she has to wear the cone of shame, she is recouping fairly well. I can't say the same for Friday who is very freaked out by Nago's E-collar and keeps puffing out and hissing every time he sees her.Now we just have to wait for the results of the biopsy.

This weekend marks the end of soccer season and then we have the whole week of Thanksgiving off of school. Maybe I can squeeze in some of the activities we missed over the long Veterans Day weekend. I would just be thankful if I don't get sick next. I already spent last Thanksgiving praying to the porcelain god and seeing as how we are hosting the holiday this year, that would not work out very well.

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Angela said...

Those pictures are HILARIOUS. Hope you guys are on the mend, we've been sickies here too. The thought of Friday making a fuss over Nago's collar is pretty darn funny too, and glad to hear her surgery went well!