Monday, November 8, 2010

Magoomba Monday

Last week was crazy busy. First of all, it is never a good thing to start the week off the day after Halloween when the kids didn't get enough sleep and ate way too much candy.

1) So for those of you who don't already know, Joe works for a contract on the Marine Corps base. Well the contract he was working on came to a close and his company was unable to reabsorb him elsewhere. Fortunately, he was able to get on another contract (doing virtually the same thing) with another company. So while we were bummed he was not able to stay with the same company (and will especially miss some of the awesome people he worked with), we are extremely fortunate that in today's economy he was able to find something else without skipping beat.

2) My point of telling you about Joe's job is that for the last two weeks he has been in Scottsdale Arizona doing indoc and training with the new company and last Monday, I needed to drive him to the airport in Palm Springs. So after school pick-ups and ballet, we all drove down there and after dropping Joe off, we stayed in the area for dinner. Now Ruby's (a casual 50's style diner) is one of my all-time favorite restaurants (as I may have mentioned once, twice or a hundred times). The kids happen to love it too since they get to build and decorate paper cars and watch trains, cars and/or cartoons from decades past. So we decided to hit up one of the Ruby's I have never been too - right in old town Palm Springs, which is the tourist part of town. We don't go out to eat that often but we go to Ruby's often enough that Jadyn has the slogan memorized and sings, "Let's shooby dooby down to Ruby's!" when we ask the kids if they want to eat there. Here are the kids in front of the Sonny Bono statue in the Mercado plaza where the Ruby's is located. I think I am going to make it one of my goals in life to eat at all of their locations (I have currently eaten at 21 of their 42 restaurants).

3) Okay, so my point in telling you about dinner Monday was that the kids had yet another later than usual night. Tuesday was our regularly scheduled programming of school and soccer. Wednesday after school the kids got their hair cuts and we visited friends in 29 Palms afterwards (plus had to watch the copy of Toy Story 3 I had to run out and get the day before - BEST MOVIE EVER!).

4) Thursday we had yet another random evening activity as Jake's school held their annual fall festival. All the proceeds go directly to the respective grades to pay for supplies and field trips. All of the "carnival games" were super cheesy but Jake and Jadyn had an absolute blast.

5) Friday after school, it was back down to Palm Springs to pick up Joe and of course we had to go back to Ruby's again since Joe didn't get to go with us Monday.

6) Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Fenenoz as well as the kids great grandparents Anita and Ken came to watch both the kids soccer games and stayed for lunch afterwards. The kids and I then rushed off to a birthday party. Needless to say, by this time we all could use the extra hour of sleep that night and the rest of the weekend we took it easy.

7) Although I did go do some shopping on Sunday but I have more to say about this in another post.

8) Also, I have really been wanting to write about how my fitness goals are progressing (or not). Since I have not gotten around to that, check out my interview on the 500 Miles challenge.

Hope everyone has a productive and fabulous week and don't forget to thank a Veteran.


Joanna said...

Hey, there is a Ruby's in the King of Prussia Mall. I'd glady go with you if you want to make the trip.

I'm glad to hear that Joe picked up a contract at another company, but it sucks that he couldn't stay where he was.

Angela said...

Enjoyed the read on the 500 miles blog :-)