Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Beachy

While in Carlsbad last week we were able to spend two glorious afternoons relaxing and playing on the beach and the really fabulous part was that it was warm enough for the kids to be in their swimsuits and playing in the water. In February! I think the first day we went to the beach it was sunnier and warmer than when we were there last June. Which is why with the sun setting behind the water, all my pictures came out shadowy and dark.

But never fear because with a little cloud cover and better positioning on my part, I got tons of pictures the second day. In fact, I can't remember the last time it was this easy to get so many pictures of the kids with such natural looking smiles and obvious joyous grins. Made it hard to choose which ones to post.

Jadyn, ever so dramatic claimed to be afraid to go check out the water by herself so her ever so dutiful big brother held her hand as they approached the shore:

Continuing the dramatics, Jadyn then proclaimed to be cold, so the ever dutiful big brother tried to keep her warm:

They then both turned to get reassurance from me, which made for a pretty opportune time to take a picture:

Jadyn's reaction to the first rush of water to spill over her feet. The pacific ocean water is cold pretty much year round but does she looks like she minds?:

Jake's reaction to his first encounter with the water:

But as you can see, it certainly didn't slow them down any:

After they had got their fill of hole digging, sandcastle building and shore running, we dried off and went climbing along the rock jetty where we found no less than 15 squirrels running, chirping, playing and hiding amongst the rocks. The kids loved it!

One of the few squirrels that wasn't camera shy:

And so we left the beach, albeit a little sandier but proclaiming our little mini va-cay an overwhelming success.

ETA: Some of these pictures look way better than what blogger is displaying. I may just have to go back and edit this post so they are on here via Flickr but no time right now!


Heidi O said...

Those are great shots. I am glad everyone had such a good time.

LauraC said...

If you don't end up liking flickr, there is always smugmug. Lots of people rave about that site as well!

Joanna said...

Great pictures! I love the action shots.

Mel said...

Those are fantastic shots that you got there!! I'm used to swooning over the sister love, or the brother love on Laura's site, but you really captured the SWEETEST brother/sister love!! ADORABLE!