Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fairies and Silver Stars

In the craziness that was our lightning quick but action packed adventure to San Diego, I didn't have a chance to mention that the kids went to the dentist for their yearly check-up.

The good news is that Jadyn was cooperative this year and let the hygienist clean her teeth as well as having the dentist give her a thorough exam. The bad news is that at only 3 years old, Jadyn has TWO cavities. I couldn't believe it. And I am super nervous about how she will do when she goes the first week in March to get the first one filled but luckily we are dealing with a pediatric dentistry office and I am trying to to put my faith in the notion that they know how to best tackle the task. The other good news is that Jake's teeth are fine.

So how, might you ask, did that happen? You have two kids with similar genetics, food choices and brushing habits and Jake is going on 6 years old and has no problems and Jadyn, who is two years younger is already getting cavities. Well I asked the dentist the same question and his answer was simple: Children who snack more frequently tend to end up with more cavities. It is a healthy way to eat as far as our metabolism goes but not so much for our teeth. The only solution would be to get into the habit of brushing every time you eat something. Not really likely. Oh and also, gummy fruit snacks are evil but I already knew that and any that remained in our house were promptly thrown out after we got home from the dentist.

So how are they going to fill Jadyn's cavities? Well, they don't recommend gas, although I know some dentist office do utilize this method. Instead they are going to tell her that little fairies are going to go in and give her a little pinch and make her mouth all tingling and numb and then the dentist is going to put a silver star on the tooth that is sick so that it can get better.

I am sure Jadyn will love the story. I am not all that convinced it is going to be that simple but again, I am trying to have faith that they know what they are talking about when they say most children, even apprehensive 3-year olds like Jadyn do just fine. I just hope they are right.

To be continued the first Monday in March...........


Lindsay said...

Cute story!

When JTC had his dental work, they put the gas over his nose, but they didn't knock him out. It just chilled him out? I remember being knocked out as a kid.

Steph said...

That sounds like a great story about the treatment, I hope all goes well for her! My niece had to have a similar procedure recently for similar circumstances. I don't know what they used (gas or shot) to get through the procedure though. I had to have some teeth pulled that weren't falling out when they should when I was younger and I thought the numb lip feeling was neat back then. Weird, I know.

Joanna said...

Little fairies are going to go in her mouth? Really? Dude, I hope that works. I would really like that post to go something like this: "Jaydn did really well with the dentist" I'll have my fingers crossed for you.