Friday, February 12, 2010

Magoomba #27

A lot going on over at the Funny Nose household so before my lack of blogging gets too out of hand, here is a quick update on a few things that are going on:

1) Joe has been a traveling machine lately. Three days in Bridgeport California, a week in Stafford Virginia (where he almost got stuck because of all the snow) and now he is preparing to go to Pendleton for the week.

2) And to that end, since the kids were already going to have a short school week due to the President's Day holiday, we decided that the family is going to join Joe at Pendleton. Therefore we will be in Carlsbad (North San Diego county) for 3 days next week. We just didn't get enough on our short trip to visit Laura and I am pretty sure we are going back to Legoland as well as spending some time relaxing on the beach.

3) Then on Friday the 19th we are going to the Speedway in Fontana for our now annual trip to watch the drivers qualify for the Auto Club 500. I am super pumped and Jake has been saving his allowance to buy some new NASCAR diecasts.

4) I don't know anything special about the following day, February 20th. I *think* someone might be having a birthday, which she would just as soon forget because well 36 just sounds so OLD.

5) Instead I would like to focus on this weekend - because while Sunday may be the holiday of chocolate hearts and roses, it is also the day of the half marathon. The forecast for Palm Springs is a high of 80 so the weather is cooperating and it appears that I have been able to stay both virus and injury free, although in this last couple of weeks I have definitely been weary that after all this training I would end up either sick or hurt. Now I just have to face the idea of waking up at 4:30 a.m (SO NOT an early morning person) to drive down to Palm Springs and prepare for the 7 a.m. start time. Wish me luck!

6) The house is currently in upheaval as Joe is repainting the master bedroom and bathroom. As he likes to point out, it all started with one of my "ideas". The idea was that our dry clean only comforter, which had been spending more time at the dry cleaners than on our bed, needed to be replaced with something machine washable. That of course led to a color scheme change necessitating new paint. So last night we all slept on our king mattress in the middle of the living room. Of course the kids got a kick out of that.

7) Planning has begun for a May 06 Blogging Mommy trip to Vegas in the fall. I am so very excited about this, especially after meeting my first blog friend in person. Now I am going to get the chance to spend a fun-filled weekend with several friends at the same time. It will be legendary for sure. If you are interesting in joining us, please leave me your email address as a comment.

8) I have several blog posts with photos in the works and hope to get them written and scheduled for next week while I am gone. Included is Jadyn at tumbling class, both kids on the day of their Valentine parties at school and the updated master bed/bath.

Hope everyone has a nice President's Day weekend and if you did or will be getting snow, believe it or I am a little jealous. Just think of me as I am walking 13.1 miles around the famous Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs (including Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley's hideaway homes) in 70+ degree weather.


Steph said...

Have a great long weekend, good luck with the race, and Happy Birthday early!!!!

Joanna said...

You think 36 feels old? Try 40-4!

I know I'm a b*tch for that. You can get even with me in Vegas.

Maria said...

Happy birthday! Have a great race and let us know how it goes!