Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be Mine

Valentine's Day came a little early for the kids when both of them had class parties on Thursday the 12th. Unfortunately, I cannot be in two places at once so I held to my tradition of volunteering at Jadyn's preschool party, as I had done for Jake the past two years. Of course Tuesday I volunteered in Jake's class and in addition to working on the science fair project with the kids, I got to help them sponge paint their Valentine bags for their exchange at the party.

Here is Jadyn posing with one of her besties at school, Autumn. Apparently they share a love for a certain beautiful birthday cake that resides in the preschool's play kitchen:

And here is Jadyn with Hayden, who she has known for awhile now since his brother was Jake's best friend in preschool. If I had my way, this would be her valentine:

Passing out goodies to all her friends:

Back at home, I had to get Jake in on the action - especially with his super cool rock star red shirt and sporting a new haircut:

And here I am with my two little Valentines:

Hope everyone was able to celebrate Valentine's Day with those they love.


Maria said...

I love the pics of Jake and Jadyn together! You can see how much they love each other!

Steph said...

Sweet. As usual beautifully dressed in coordinating/holiday colors. Love it!

Stacey said...

Your kids are absolutely gorgeous!

Heidi O said...

Those are great pics. Glad Valentines day came early.