Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So as I mentioned awhile back, the kids were taking a tumbling class. It was more for Jadyn but I had Jake do it as well to help her ease into it. Actually, it ended up working out perfectly because even though Jake really seemed to like it, after the first month he stopped showing interest in going and since he has t-ball starting within the next month, I didn't really want him overloaded with activities.

Jadyn absolutely LOVES the class. I think after this she will also be ready to start dance but the curious thing about Jadyn is that even though she loves all things girly, I could totally see her playing soccer next fall too. I guess only time will tell.

The day I took these pictures, I had curled Jadyn's hair that morning for her class pictures at school and a little of it had still held. This picture just breaks my heart because I look at it and wonder, "Where did my baby girl go?" She looks so grown up!

You might also notice by her necklace that she has been raiding my jewelry armoirre and begging to wear various bracelets and necklaces of mine.

Unfortunately I have yet to get a good picture of her doing a somersault or jumping on the trampoline (the look on her face is sheer joy) but I did get a couple cute shots of her on the balance beam and preparing to do a back roll. She looked so cute in her little outfit. Sometimes I think she wants to take dance just for the girly leotards and tutus.

And that's a wrap. Ta-Da!


Joanna said...

There is nothing wrong with taking dance for the tutu. I should know, I did that. I ended up in ballet for about 5 years because of my initial love of tutus.

Then I switched to basket ball.

Being a girl rocks, and Jaydn is going to do it with style.

Steph said...

Cute! I loved the dance outfits and costumes so much growing up. I have been and probably always will be a girly girl.

Cooper was looking at these pictures w/me and said Jadyn looks like Ava from his class.

Jennifer Larson said...

She really IS getting so grown up! And wow, is she beautiful! I adore the tumbling pictures, so keep trying to get one of her in mid-flight!