Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lessons and More Smiles from the Land of Legos

It's never my intention to ignore my blog for a week. At least not usually. But sometimes you just have one of those weeks where every day gets away from you and poof! Before you know it you've gone a week without blogging. So... to pick up where I left off.....

We had a great time at the beach in Carlsbad and I had an amazing birthday but in between that I also took the kids back to Legoland. When we went last time and met up with Laura, we just ran out of time to do and see everything we wanted to and since I could upgrade our admissions from that day to a season pass for the cost of a second day, I figured with all the traveling Joe does to the area we could definitely get our money's worth. So we are now proud season pass holders for Legoland. Since it was just the kids and I and we had just been recently, I didn't take too many pictures but I did want to share a few shots, where again the kids were giggling and smiling from all the fun they were having:

So first, we were the passengers on that boat and it turns out that you get much more wet being shot at on the boat then on the shore. I swear someone saw me on the boat and thought, "There is a mom who looks like she doesn't want to get her hair wet" and they shot water at me to the point that when we got off the ride, I looked I had gotten thrown in a swimming pool. Anyway, this was our revenge:

Shooting water at the passengers on the boat, safely from shore:

See, they were having so much fun that when I told them to look scared that they were being eaten by a shark, this is the best they could muster:

This was a really cool attraction where you jumped on the sensor pads and it made the musical instruments play. Jadyn particularly had fun jumping and giggling to her hearts content:

I didn't take any pictures of it, but another attraction we missed last time was the "Block of Fame" where they have recreated the busts of several historical figures and pop icons made entirely of Legos. As we walked it, I pointed out several presidents as well as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Well the following week Jake was doing his homework from the days he missed the previous week, which happened to have been President's Day week. Naturally he had a homework sheet where he had to cut and paste the pictures of three presidents with their correct names. I hunkered down, assuming he would need help, when he correctly placed George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and our current president, Barrack Obama's pictures with their names. I asked him how he knew that, wondering if they talked much about it in class and he said, " No Mom. I learned it from Legoland!"

So there you have it folks. Taking your kids out of school to go to an amusement park can be both educational and fun. And I will never again assume the kids are not paying attention to what I am trying to show them.


Steph said...

That is great- Jake really remembered what he saw at Legoland! Cooper had a week on the presidents at preschool last week but was thoroughly confused about how long ago they were alive. The 1700's is too long ago for him to comprehend right now. He thinks dinosaurs lived a long time ago which he said was like 87 years ago. :)

Glad you had fun at Legoland!!!

Joanna said...

Shooting water at park guests looks like a blast! I'm so sorry they drenched you though.

Heidi O said...

Ah I wish that I had one of those shooters when the kids are fighting. Hmm maybe a spray bottle. It works on dogs, maybe it would work on kids. Is that wrong?