Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's like a Heatwave

Well here it is July already and I have once again taken an unintentional blogging hiatus. While I don't like getting behind on the blog, which I use as a journal/scrapbook/photo album of our life, it also means we have been busy, having fun and most importantly, that I am doing a good job of living in the moment. Unfortunately, that also means less pictures and detailed stories. It's a balancing act.

But I digress. That whole topic could be a blog post in and of itself.  Instead, I'm just gonna dive right in.......

Although we live in the desert and expect the summer to be H-O-T, we were hit with triple digits a little sooner than usual prompting a week long excessive heat warning. Without the chance to ease into the high temps, the weather sure did seem excessive. However, once we hit the century mark it's all the same to me. Whether it's 101, 105 or or 117, it's too hot to be outside unless there is water involved.

So on the first day of the heatwave, we stayed indoors, opting to go as a family to see Monsters University in an air-conditioned theater followed by a casual dinner out. Super cute movie! Super fun day!

Saturday we headed to Upland to get my hair done and visit the grandparents. I wish I could say it was cooler there but they were experiencing the same heatwave. The upside to being in 100+ weather there instead of at home? Cousins to play with and grass in the backyard for some slip-n-slide fun.


Jadyn with cousin Lilly, both looking super cute as their brothers photo bomb:


And yes, it was still extremely hot outside when the boys dressed up to play military. When Jake gets together with his cousin Aidan, this is mandatory no matter the weather:


Sunday we really needed a day at home to relax and be lazy but we also still needed to beat the heat, so we spent a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time in our pool.


What I love about summer is that you can do SO MUCH! We have been super busy, Work for both Joe and I,  day camps and swim lessons (more on this later), play dates, sleepovers, trips to the water park and river. And yet, we still have time to chill out as a family, take naps (me), read books, play games and watch movies. It's exactly why I LOVE summer.

So bring on the heat. And bring on the platitudes about how time flies when your having fun. We still have plenty of summer left.

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