Monday, June 17, 2013

Spring Recital 2013

Big sigh of relief. Jadyn made it to recital without getting sick. She just loves, loves, loves to perform. Sometimes it amazes me how her excitement of being on stage outweighs any nerves she may have about it. She just loves it! And this recital was even more special as Jadyn was chosen to lead her cheer squad by yelling ready in between components of their performance. She did awesome!

I am limited on the pictures I got. I usually take stills during costume week and dress rehearsal since flash photography is not allowed the night of recital but I wasn't real happy with the variety of pictures I got. I may have to breakdown and buy the digital download the professional photographer offers so don't be surprised if an additional recital post pops up later down the line.

The squad during costume week:


Jadyn doing her solo X-jump:


Pictures from the night of dress rehearsal:



And before and after on recital night:




Now that Jadyn has decided not to continue with team sports like soccer and softball, I am hoping to add one more class in the fall. She wants to try gymnastics, which I think would be a good compliment to cheer. She also really enjoyed performing in the spring musical so we'll see what happens. I definitely see more performances in her future.

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Carrie said...

I love her hair! So cute! She looks like she really enjoys it!