Thursday, July 25, 2013

While They Were Here 2013 Edition

My mom, aka Grandma Kelly and her husband George came for their annual summer visit last week. Since they were coming from my brother's house, they brought our niece and nephew up for a visit as well. When Jake and Jadyn get together with their cousins Madison and Ethan they have a BLAST! I really wish we got to see them more than we do.

Here is Grandma Kelly posing with Jadyn and Madison after visiting their "beauty shop". In the same evening, they also created a restaurant complete with menu and entertainment. It is so fun to see them get creative:


Here we all are:


The next day after I got done with work, the kids and I took Grandma Kelly "down the hill". We were trying to escape the ash and smoke from a fire in the hills about 2 hours from us but to no avail. It was just as bad down in the Palm Springs area. Still, we tried to make the best of it. We went to the spa pools for some swimming and relaxation (really getting irritated with Jake's non-smiles). Also note the color of the sky. That is smoke:


We ate an early dinner at Ruby's and posed in front of the Sonny Bono fountain in the same plaza:


And we strolled by Marilyn Monroe Park and did the touristy thing by taking a picture with her:


Thursday was a good chance for Grandma Kelly and George to see what a typical day with the Funny Noses is like. They got to see Jadyn participate in her tumbling class, rush home to eat dinner and then head back out for an evening of BMX (and another 2nd place for Jake).

Friday, my mom handed down some treasures of my Grandmother's to Jadyn. She immediately redecorated her dollhouse with some of the old wood furniture and minatuare vases, which prompted our cat Friday to become immensely curious:


Before they left, we attempted to get a good picture of my mom, myself and the kids (Kuma decided on his own he wanted to be included). This was the best out of all of them, even though Jadyn is unfortunately blinking:


It was another whirlwind visit. Until next time!

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Carrie said...

I have a talent for adding eyes onto people that blink in Photoshop! LOL! I have had to do it a few times... ;) Looks like you had a blast while your Mom was in town!