Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Snapshot Part II

We spent a majority of the long 4th of July weekend with the same group of friends; we had the Millers over for dinner on the 4th. Then on that Friday Cruz and Tara hosted an outside movie night complete with dinner and a bounce house for the kids. They always host really cool gatherings and this was no exception.

Jadyn enjoying the bounce house:


This just cracked me up. Cruz had created this page on Powerpoint to precede the "feature presentation" on the projector outside:


Here are all the kids watching the beginning of Men in Black III:


On Saturday night, the Millers had us and Cruz and Tara over to watch UFC 162. I'm not really into watching these fights but I went to enjoy everyone's company. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when the main event turned out to be pretty entertaining. It was fun!

We took Sunday to relax and it was good thing too because the following week was also jam-packed!

Jake attended a week long soccer camp for 2 hours in the evenings to get him ready for the fall season. Here he is with two of his buddies enjoying the pizza party on the last day of camp:


On Wednesday we went to see a magician for the summer reading program at the library. That night I caught Joe and the kids all reading in bed together but when I tried to snap a picture, Joe and Jake conspired to hide their faces. Stinkers!:


Thursday, we went with a group of friends to see Despicable Me 2. It hasn't gotten great reviews but I thought it was a very worthy sequel. The kids really enjoyed it and the minions are hysterical:


Later that same afternoon, Jadyn went to a tumbling/gymnastics class her dance studio just started and she fell in LOVE with it. I kind of suspected she would and I am glad. With her choosing not to play soccer this year, I thought she needed to take 2 classes and this will be the perfect compliment to her cheer class:


I don't work on Fridays so we took the opportunity to go to the water park with the Millers. This was our third visit so far this summer, which means we have officially paid for our summer passes. I haven't taken my phone into the park but plan to at least once this summer. It's just hard because well, it's a water park and I'm too cheap to pay for a locker. The kids had a blast. Nothing wears them out (and me for that matter) more than a day going down slides and playing in the wave pool.

So look at that. I managed to (sort of) catch up on my blogging. And right on time too because my Mom arrives for a 4 day visit tomorrow.

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Carrie said...

I am thinking about taking Autumn to an open gymnastics hour at a gymnastics school by our house, we'll see. Glad Jadyn is loving it! I love how you projected a movie outside on the house, such a neat idea!