Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Snapshot Part I

My attempt to catch up on my blogging and capture the essence of this summer so far.....

The first week after school got out, the kids did a week of swim lessons. Both Jake and Jadyn are Sharks now and this class is intense. They are introduced to several different strokes and work on their endurance and diving techniques. It was a little overwhelming for Jadyn in particular after not swimming much since last summer. However, by the end of the session they were both doing great.


To celebrate their hard work in swim lessons as well as the first official day of summer, we headed to Sonic for our favorite ice cream shakes:


That same week the kids also had friends spend the night, went to Knott Soak City water park to break in our season passes, had a special cub scouts meetup where the kids played kickball and got together with friends to watch The Lorax for a movie in the park.

As if all that wasn't enough, we also took another day trip to the river. Out of everyone, it's the dogs who get tuckered out the quickest with all that running, fetching and swimming. Here are Kuma and Harley resting in the boat:


And the kids having daddy throw them up as high as he can:



The second week of summer break, we didn't pack quite as much in, especially with me going back to work for summer school and Jake starting the Nature Encounter program but we did manage to go to the library for the kickoff of the summer reading program, cheer on some of our local All-Star baseball teams at the Little League fields (Jake's not playing this summer. I still have a baseball season post forthcoming) and make it out to the track for BMX where Jake surprised us after a long hiatus and won first place (this meant another trip to Sonic for shakes, a post about this development is also forthcoming).

And that concludes the snapshot of the first 2 weeks of summer break. Stay tuned for part II....

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