Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For the love of soccer, new parks and Snow White

That about sums up our weekend.

Saturday both kids had soccer games. It is hard to believe that the season is already winding down. Jadyn had a good game. I think I mentioned we had some issues a few weeks back with her refusing to play certain positions and not listening to her coach. Things have been much better the last few weeks. I still have yet to get some really great shots of her in action but here we are together after the game:

Jake has had an amazing season. I love seeing his growth as a player and just giving it his all on the field. I think his team is capable of playing better than they and therefore they have suffered a fair amount of losses but at least they are having fun:

Saturday night we created our own unconventional movie marathon choosing to watch both artistic takes on Snow White from this past summer, Mirror Mirror (family-oriented, fun) and Snow White and the Huntsman (dark and artsy). While Mirror Mirror is okay, I really felt that the Huntsman version was odd and pointless. I think I would just watch the Disney animated classic and call it a day but it was a nice family movie night.

Sunday, we went to check out the new park that just opened in our neighborhood. It is technically within walking distance although because of the road we would have to take to walk or bike there and the fact their are no sidewalks, I don't know that we ever will. Still it is nice to have a park so close. And the best part is that it features the town's brand new DOG PARK! Kuma had a blast.

And the dog park is right next to the playground equipment, which will make it much easier to have both Kuma and the kids playing at the same time. The kids loved the new park too.

Just another weekend in the life of the Funny Noses!


Lindsay said...

What a cute pic of you and Jadyn!

NathanandSolinda said...

The park looks great! That is so cool that it is so close to your house.

Carrie77 said...

Love dog parks, Kuma is going to be so happy! :) I can't believe soccer season is winding down already, too...