Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

It has become tradition to visit Live Oak Canyon pumpkin patch every fall and for the last 2 years, the corn maze has been a highlight of the trip. This year, they made the maze even more challenging and it did not disappoint. I don't know if I should be admitting this or not, but it took the kids and I an entire hour to complete the maze. We had to find 4 hidden posts, write down their corresponding number to create a password that led us through two secret doors into a second maze. We then had to find 4 more hidden posts with a new password in order to exit the maze. We were rewarded with souvenir bracelets that read "We conquered the maze!"

The best part was observing how both the kids handled the situation. Jadyn ran through the maze dramatically declaring that we were lost and would never find our way out. Jake methodically looked for clues, including using a balloon high in the sky to track our position. Ultimately, it was his abilities that got us through the maze. We had a blast!

After the maze, Jadyn went for a pony ride:

While Jake opted to ride the quads:

 The kids also jumped, bounced, ran and slid on several bounce/slide/obstacle course inflatables. We then took some fun pictures:

And picked out some cute mini-pumpkins:

And just to be sure I don't give you the wrong idea, no the kids do not always cooperate for photos as evidenced by this failed attempt while they were on top of the hay castle:

By the time we were done with all these activities, the kids didn't even want to actually run around the u-pick patch. I guess it's a good thing we had kind of already done that when we went apple picking.

So we prepared to head out to dinner at where else but our favorite, Ruby's (where in keeping with the theme of the day, I enjoyed a pumpkin milkshake)!

But not before getting just a few more pictures to mark this year's outing.

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Carrie77 said...

That corn maze sounds awesome, actually... the only ones I have been in, haven't had clues like that... you just sort of wander in, and back out... Fun!!