Monday, October 29, 2012

The Weekend before Halloween

The weekend before Halloween was busy, busy, busy with lots of fun Halloween-themed activities!

Starting with the annual Flashlight Scramble. The lights go out on the ball field, the flashlights go on and we scramble for candy and other goodies. We were well represented by almost all branches of the military. And then of course there was Jadyn, the blossom fairy. Doesn't she just fit right in?

While Saturday was all about the end of the soccer season (and will be reported on in a separate post), Sunday was all about pumpkins! First, we headed out to the high school pool for the Pumpkin Splash!

And with the blow of the whistle, Jake dove in along with a handful of other brave souls. He swam to the perfect pumpkin he had scoped out earlier and got it to the side of the pool as quickly as possible. He said the water was cold. They don't call it a polar plunge for nothing! (although in all fairness, the temp outside was near 80 degrees. Yes, us Californians are wimps when it comes to the cold).

Jadyn on the other hand plucked her pumpkin out of the water from the safety of the side of the pool and a little help from Daddy.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. It's CARVING time!

I always get stuck gutting the pumpkins but I did make the kids each take out a handful themselves. Jake was super wimpy about it (and please don't ask why he had to wear his terrorist mask in order to do it):

We challenged Jadyn to pull out more pumpkin guts than Jake. She assured us she was up for the task:

Jadyn drew her own design and carved a good majority of her pumpkin. Jake picked out his design but let Joe do most of the work. We also did our potato head pumpkins too. The kids are always super goofy when we carve pumpkins. It's sort of become part of the tradition.

And now we are all ready for the main event - trick or treating on Halloween! Can't wait.

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