Wednesday, June 20, 2012

While she was here

My mom, Grandma Kelly, came to stay for a week long visit. It was SO nice to have her here longer than usual. She got to see more of what life is like with the Funny Noses (both good and bad) and the kids loved spending time with her, not to mention that her and I got to have some lovely mother/daughter heart-to-hearts.

Right before she came, their were a few end of the school year activities of note. During the 1st/2nd grade 3rd trimester awards assembly, Jake received the Star Reading award.

He also received the Spelling 100 award. He was one of only two students in his class to receive both awards for all 3 trimesters. Last year in first grade I really saw an improvement in his writing abilities. This year, I would have to say his biggest improvement was in reading, although he still prefers math and science as his favorite subjects. I can't believe he will be going into THIRD grade.

The kids also had field day at school and this is always such a super fun, albeit exhausting day (maybe even more for me as a volunteer than for the kids). Here is Jake doing a sponge relay and getting thoroughly soaked:

And Jadyn "having a ball":

Things we did while Grandma Kelly was here visiting:

Take her with us to the river:

Go to the baptism of Jake's longtime friend Sam. You heard that right folks. Not what my mom was probably expecting to do during her time with us. Go to church!. We took these photos before we left. It's not too often we all get dressed up. The baptism was lovely.

Celebrate the end of the school year with dinner out (taken at the fountain outside the restaurant).

Have cousins Madison and Ethan over for a marathon sleepover that included tons of summer essentials like swimming, sno-cones, pizza, popcorn, movies (in 3D no less, Bob's Big Break), more swimming and laying out afterwards and popcicles.

And what my mom missed? The day after she left we heard that Ethan had come down with a 24 stomach virus. That Friday afternoon, we were IN LINE to get tickets to see Madagascar 3 when Jake exclaimed that he was starting to not feel well. Deciding not to chance it, we left the theater and went home. Thankfully so because Jake barely made it inside before the puking commenced and continued for the next 12 hours. Poor guy. Luckily, it would appear that Jadyn was spared.

So in conclusion, the school year is over (yeah for summer break) and we had a very nice visit with Grandma Kelly (yeah for more time with her).

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