Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Funny Funny Noses

Last week was jam-packed with summer fun, the culmination of which was the kids both sleeping over at a friend's house on Friday night (yes, read: date night for Joe and I).

A bunch of friends met up at the local splashground playground for a play date. How cute are Jake and Sam giving each other rides on the big wheel?

The plan was that after the play date, Jake would go home with Sam and his family for a sleepover. As I gave Jake hugs and words of warning to mind his manners, I jokingly told Sam that I really wanted Jake to lose his other front tooth before the permanent one replaced the front tooth he recently lost. In other words, I wanted to see Jake with both his front teeth missing.

Flash forward to later that evening, while Joe and I were enjoying are date, blissfully shopping at Sam's Club just the two of us after an early bird dinner at a kosher restaurant we both love (yes, we like to live it up!) and I get a phone call from Solinda, Sam's mom. Apparently, the boys had taken my request a little too seriously and Jake allowed Sam to push his foot up against Jake's mouth and to both of their surprise, the tooth (which  was loose but not THAT loose) fell out. 

My wish was granted and the tooth fairy, whose job has not been made easy by Jake, paid a visit to him at Sam's house that night.

Meanwhile, Jadyn went to her BFF Riley's house and was treated to a movie out (Brave), shopping afterwards and swimming. Mind you except for staying over at a family friend's house once and overnight with her cousins once, this was her first sleepover at a friend's house. 

Flash forward to later that evening and I get a text from Riley's mom. Apparently, Jadyn was scared, couldn't go to sleep and wanted to come home. I felt bad as Kristy had been trying every trick in the book for awhile to no avail. So Joe ran out and picked Jadyn up at about 11:30 p.m. No harm, no foul. She just wasn't quite ready. The reason she gave us the next morning was that she was afraid of Riley's Monster High dolls but I am not 100% convinced of that, this coming from the girl who has seen all the Harry Potter movies and plays zombie games on my phone. 

So it turned out to be an eventful night of lost teeth and not quite sleepovers. But most important, both the kids had fun with their friends and Joe and I still got our date night, so it's all good in my book.

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Ramona from Sam's Club said...

Jen, sounds like you had a fun-filled Friday! Sam’s Club might not be a romantic restaurant, but we still think it makes for a pretty great date night. Hope your family has a great summer and thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club! –Ramona from Sam’s Club