Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The end of another baseball season, or is it?

This last week both the kids had their final games of the regular baseball season. And both kids had really great seasons, having fun and improving their skills.

Jadyn continued to hit the ball off the tee, run the bases and field the ball. After some initial bribery, she continued to slide into home *most* of the time for the remainder of the season. She is excited to be moving up to machine pitch all-girl softball next year.

Here she is sliding into home for the last time at her last game with a huge grin on her face. I am certain that the team mom got some great pictures of her and will be including them when I receive copies:

Here is Jadyn receiving her trophy from Coach Joey, who was so great with the kids and made the season super fun:

It was a little easier to get pictures of Jake in action because I was usually watching from the dugout. Here are some of my favorites of him hitting, wearing the catcher gear, fielding and running home:

I have to say I met a lot of great families this season and enjoyed serving as team mom for this silly group of boys:

Here are both kids posing with their bobble head trophies (the league decided not to have closing ceremonies this year):

BUT the big news is that although the regular season is over, we are not done with baseball just yet as Jake was drafted to play on one of the All-Star teams representing our town in tournament play. We are so proud of what a great season both kids had and although it will be a time-consuming endeavor, we look forward to seeing Jake continue to play. Go Yucca Red!

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