Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glamour Cats and Wuggle Pets

The night before Jadyn's birthday, her last day of being 5:

And after wearing a crown and bringing fun snacks to share at school, the birthday girl chose Applebee's for dinner because she wanted to have the staff sing to her. She quite enjoyed the sundae they brought to her:

If that wasn't enough, she got to bring cupcakes and birthday treats for after her t-ball game on Friday night and both kids had their best friends spend the night Saturday night (here they all are enjoying Sno-Cones):

But the big day was Sunday when we had her birthday party. Jadyn is still all about puppies and kitties and since she had a puppy party last year, she decided she wanted to go with a glamour cats theme this year - a collection of party supplies that includes adorable kittens wearing crowns and posing with lots of hearts and flowers.

At first I wasn't quite sure what to do with the theme as far as party activities but ultimately we decided to let all the guests create Wuggle Pets and I do believe it was a huge hit with the kids. Here is Jadyn making hers. It is basically a similar concept to Build a Bear. You insert stuffing and "magic dust" to bring the pet to life, crank the stuffer machine, add the personality charms of your choice and zip them up. Then you give them a hug and repeat the phrase "Snuggle and huggle my Wuggle pet" and they are yours forever.

Each guest went home with their Wuggle pet, a birth certificate and some kitty stickers in this box, which coincidentally looks like a smaller version of the kind of box you usually use to transport a newly adopted kitty:

Then since the weather was warm, we let the kids go swimming and gave them all water blasters. They had a blast to say the least and some of the adults got in on the action with the result being that they got pretty soaked:

Of course there was also the more traditional birthday activities like singing to the birthday girl and cupcakes:

Upon discovering I had used candles that re-light after being blown out. My friend Rose got about a dozen pictures of Jadyn's many funny faces during this process. It was hard to only pick one:

And presents!

By the end of the party, everyone seemed to have had fun and we were all exhausted, even Kuma who found a comfortable spot to nap under the table while Jadyn opened gifts.

I would definitely have to declare the party a success and thank everyone who came and helped us celebrate Jadyn turning six. 

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Carrie77 said...

Love the birthday theme idea, Autumn loves puppies right now. Also, love the activity where they sort of did what you do at build a bear. Also, love your decorating, and colors!