Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 2012 at Lost Lake

While our whole family loves the river, it has been Joe's happy place since he started going with his family as a small boy. So what better way to celebrate Father's Day than to take the boat out and enjoy a day at the river?

Although to change things up a bit, we did go to a new location on the river. At first we were a little unsure if we were going to like it but it ended up suiting our needs and turned out to be a good find.

Even better, Joe stepped from behind the camera and let me take this great shot of him and ALL his babies, Kuma and the boat included. The water was pretty low in some spots in the early morning so Joe broke out this oar and the kids were fighting over who got to paddle the boat into the cove.

Then Jake decided to swim across the cove to climb this hill made of small rocks. It was absolutely precious when Kuma decided to follow Jake and proceeded to doggy paddle all the way over there.

Later, Jake took Jadyn over there and they demanded to photographed on top of the hill.

After hanging out at the cove, we explored up river, floating down and finding this awesome spot called Shell Beach. I guess on busier days it can get kind of congested with boats and some of the younger folks can get kind of crazy (think Girls Gone Wild on Spring Break) BUT on this particular day we almost had it completely to ourselves and it was perfect.

The kids and I also got or made Joe special Father's Day cards and I prepared a basket with some of his favorite snacks and drinks. Joe is an amazing father and I hope that we gave him an amazing day.

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