Friday, June 8, 2012

Just a little bit of Ketchup

I've managed not to get behind with the big events - our awesome experience at the air museum on Memorial Day and Jadyn's sixth birthday, but I have a little bit to catch up on......

The week leading up to Memorial weekend was Spirit week at school. The kids chose to participate in a few of the dress up themes, like twin day:

(Jadyn with her BFF, Riley)

Or, in Jake's case, triplets:

 (Jake pictured with friends Dominic and Krish)

Favorite sports team day. The kids both decided to represent their current teams. Otherwise it would have been Angels gear ALL THE WAY:

Career Day. Show off what you want to be when you grow up. They both chose the same as they did in the fall for Red Ribbon Week, Jake a Marine and Jadyn an artist and art teacher. Doesn't Jake looked thrilled that I asked to take a picture when dropping them off at school? I am interrupting his recess time:

Friday night of the long weekend, they finally showed the Avengers at the drive-in. The weather had gotten unseasonably chilly and windy but it wasn't too bad and the movie was awesome. And the best part of going to the drive-in is that Kuma gets to come along and snuggle with us in the back of the SUV:

Oh and are we noticing something different about Jake in the above picture? Like a very visibly missing front tooth? Well, both Jake and Jadyn have the same front tooth loose. Jake, who normally waits until his teeth are so loose they fall out while eating or even better, while sleeping, was not going to let his little sister be the first to lose a front tooth so at dinner one night (I think it was Tuesday), he gave it a good yank and to everyone's surprise he had actually managed to pull it out:

Saturday, I got the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with each of the kids. I took Jake to get his hair cut and then for a frozen yogurt date afterwards:

I then helped Jadyn get ready and took her to a classmate's birthday party. It was a really cute Hawaiian theme and all the girls got grass skirts, leis and flower headbands, which Jadyn now loves to dress up in:

By Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the weather had started to warm back up. We headed out in the morning for a hike at Whitewater but (and this is why we never try and do anything on long holiday weekends) the parking lot was full. Apparently everyone had the same idea! Instead we had a very nice lunch with Joe's grandma Anita, Ken and his parents and then once we got back home, the kids went for a swim. Seriously, I don't think we have ever gotten so much use out of the pool this early in the season!

Now I am all caught up and ready for the end of the baseball season and the school year. It is a busy, busy time of year and I LOVE IT!

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Cacey said...

Your kids are too cute. Jake is simply adorable with his tough guy attitude.(Don't tell him I said that!) As a military brat I think it's awesome he wants to be in the military! Just tell him to go to college first so he can to OTS!