Monday, January 23, 2012

Worth the Wait

Last weekend (as in NOT this past weekend, yes I am behind) we got together with our good friends Cruz and Tara for dinner on Sunday night and also watched one of the football playoff games too. The kids were surprised to find they each had one more Christmas gift to open, as Cruz and Tara had to special order Jake's gift. And let me just say it was totally worth the wait for both of them -

Jadyn got something that had been pretty high on her list, Cookie the Playful Pup. In the past she always asked for the animals that "do stuff" but rarely are these the toy animals she gets super attached to. Not in this case! Cookie is really cute and has become Jadyn's best friend:

Jake got a set of woodland camis with his name on them. These are not to be confused with the desert camis he got from Cruz and Tara for his birthday, something he dresses up in several times a week. Now he gets to take his pick! Not the best quality picture but the face? Yeah, the non-smile was most definitely intentional:


Beth said...

Jayden looks so cute! Love the outfit. And Jake's, too, of course. William's class talked about their dreams in celebration of MLK day. They had to read MLK's dream and then state their own dream. William's dream was to be a Marine. He drew a picture of a tank and wrote how Marines help people. (I know--that's more army than marines, but you get the point.) Of course, my dream would be that he would never find himself in a tank. But I can't think of a more honorable profession!

Joanna said...

Both are adorable with their gifts. I love Jake's non-smile. Too funny.

Is it bad that I have a preferences with the different camouflages? I like the desert over the woodland, but some of the Marines had on a blue based pattern at work a few weeks ago, and not that's my favorite. I think I'm doing fashion all wrong.