Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 365 Week 3

I can see that some weeks are going to be better than others.

Day 15 - Friday is in love with this box. Great hang-out and he loves to play in it as well:

Day 16 - We have kind of a pigeon problem. Seriously, they are the rats of the bird world. Joe blocked off access to their enclave so now they just sit on top of our outside lights. Go away!:

Day 17 - Jadyn and Cookie watching "Bob's Big Break" in 3D:

Day 18 - Me sporting my new Green Bay shirt compliments of a thoughtful friend:

Day 19 - the kids helping me with laundry (LOVE!):

Day 20 - on the way to the in-laws we saw several rainbows in between the wet weather:

Day 21 - Jadyn showing off the Valentine crafts she made with Grandma Saturday while I was getting my hair done:


Lindsay said...

Wow, what a great rainbow pic!

Carrie77 said...

LOVE the rainbow picture! WOW!

Cacey said...

Ditto, that rainbow is amazing! Also, I love the wide open space where you live, it's so urban here you'd have to drive for miles to see anything remotely like that. And obviously it wouldn't look like where you live. Jealous. I need to get out of here! Did you know Matthew applied to Stanford a few years ago?

Joanna said...

The rainbow picture is awesome, but I also love your kitteh's eyes. As for the kids doing laundry? Best picture ever.