Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 Week 1

I have a feeling I am going to miss some days BUT I also have a feeling I am going to love this project and gain a lot from it. Lots of observations already.

Day 1 - The night of New Year's Day, me still recovering and Kuma keeping me company. Forcing myself to post this picture because I am not fond of my profile:

Day 2 - Just a typical day at the Funny Noses - Jadyn stirring chocolate fondue dessert while wearing her footie pajamas and the cat mask from Halloween 2 years ago:

Day 3 - The pass we have to go through every time we want to go to "civilization" aka any store besides Wal-Mart:

Day 4 - Jadyn in one of my favorite outfits of hers, counting her green tickets from school (she earns green tickets for being extra good each day and gets a prize when she accumulates ten):

Day 5 - Friday stealing Kuma's breakfast and Kuma letting him:

Day 6 - Jadyn and her smiley face Lego creation:

Day 7 - Jake and Jadyn building Jadyn's new Lego set (more on this to come):

Observations - Jadyn is a much more willing muse than Jake. The kids are way too used to stopping and posing for me. I really really dislike my profile (oops, already said that. Have to throw it in there again to emphasis my point). We play with Legos, A LOT.


Cacey said...

Great pictures. I love candids, especially of my fellow mama friends! Oh and I noticed your laptop on the coffee table in the background of the last photo. My first thought was "holy crap they'd better move that!" oy...can you tell I'm used to thinking about a psycho toddler terrorizing my house?

Mel said...

I love all of your pics. They really capture the memories and give a true idea of what happens around the Funny Nose House!