Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365 Week 2

Day 8 - the family engrossed in Youtube videos on Daddy's laptop. Their new favorite? The music video for Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

Day 9 - Kuma working on the "leave it" command. Super proud of him. I can leave a highly desirable chew flip right at his feet and he won't go near it until I tell him it's okay. Such a good boy!:

Day 10 - Joe and I got to have a lunch date after one of my doctor's appointments. I introduced him to this Jewish deli and bakery in the low desert that is to.die.for. He loved it and is very picky about eating new places. I got to have a Monte Cristo, a personal favorite that is hard to find made to order (since I need it prepared without ham). It was delicious!:

Day 11 - Jadyn being silly trying to balance her stuffed tiger Raja on top of a board game box using her feet. Very proud to have captured this spontaneous moment:

Day 12 - my most unwilling subject Jake who did not want to be photographed cuddling up with his sister's blanket and pillow. I love the expression on his face:

Day 13 - loving my Kindle e-reader and case. I can't believe I wavered as to whether I would miss reading actual books and turning pages. This technology rocks:

Day 14 - Time for tea. Afternoon tea and yes the kids are still in their PJs. Love lazy days. This particular tea party included water, M&Ms and goldfish crackers. Yum!:


Joanna said...

I love these pictures. I remember doing that balancing thing with my feet thing when I was little. Isn't it funny how kids all discover such simple things like that?

And I have to give Jake big kudos for all the pink he allowed himself to be photo with. He's such a great big brother to play with his sister.

I'm actually reading a print book at the moment. I was reading on the exercise bike with the book in the little holder. When it was time to turn the page, I actually touched it and tried to scroll down like I would on my iPad. I've forgotten how to turn pages!

Angela said...

Good boy Kuma and I freaking love my kindle too!! <3

Steph said...

Kuma is getting so big! And, good job on his training!

The kids, as always, are super cute! Jake's face says it all in the pic of him with Jadyn's blanket :)