Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Funny Funny Noses

With me recovering from my surgery last week (it went well, thank you for asking), our new year celebration was extremely low key. We smashed the gingerbread house:

Yes, safety first in our house. I let my daughter weld a hammer outside in the cold with bare feet and didn't actually realize it until I looked at this picture afterwards. Doh!

We made S'mores outside with the firepit (don't get me started on Jake's new obsession with wearing sunglasses all the time, even in the dead of night):

And the next day we stayed in our PJS and had a very lazy, lazy day (frankly I think the entire weekend was lazy but whose keeping track?). This included lots of snuggling and giggles courteous of SpongeBob, whom I fear I will never truly understand the appeal. Nevermind. It makes them happy:

And with all my posts about the holidays, I had no way of throwing in some really funny pictures I have taken over the last month or so. Like this one of Jadyn, who found a new use for all her new Pipsqeak markers:

And Jake dressed up with some of his new battle accessories including an electronic clone trooper helmet (I also have about a billion other pictures of him dressed up in all his military gear sans the new Star Wars helmet):

And then there was the day that Jadyn decided to use a black marker to make herself a kitty:

And the time the kids made an obstacle course (still one of their favorite indoor winter activities) and then wanted me to take pictures of them posing with it (anyone know how to improve the foggy/evil red eyes when using flash with the new iPhone?)

Even the pets get in on the action, willing or not. Here is Friday acting as one of Jadyn's "patients":

Yes, the Funny Noses can be well, funny.

Looking at these pictures and the last week of being home and not doing much of anything made me realize something, which in part inspired my sort of, kind of New Year's resolution. But this post is getting way too long so I will save my revelation for tomorrow.


Janna said...

Awesome pictures! Your babies are hilarious - I love it!

Carrie77 said...

Great shots! Love the markers photo! And, the obstacle course is such a great indoor idea!

Joanna said...

I love this post. Kids being kids is so wonderful. Although the pip squeaks in her hair looks like it should hurt. ouch.

Yeah, Sponge Bob is beyond me. I work with two women who are the equivalent of sponge bob and Patrick, and it's really not funny.