Thursday, December 8, 2011

So why all this holiday cheer?

We sure have been cramming in an awful lot in a short amount of time and there is a reason for it.

The kids have winter break to include the week before and after Christmas. We usually have two weeks to enjoy the holiday and participate in plenty of winter activities. This year, however, is different.

Two days after Christmas I am going in for surgery. I won't go into details on my blog (anyone is free to email me privately for more information) but I will just say that it is gynecological in nature and does not involve anything life-threatening. It will require 6 weeks of recovery though and the first 2 weeks are going to require a lot of downtime on my part. We chose a time when the kids had the least amount on their schedule and both Joe and I would be slow at work, making it easier to take time off. I will only be in the hospital 1 or 2 days and then home to recuperate. While I am nervous, I am also eager to have it taken care of. I am also really bummed that I won't be able to walk or run for awhile and the running may take much longer to get back to.

So if you suddenly find me blogging. tweeting and facebooking less, you will know why. But I don't expect to be out of the loop for long. In the meantime, I am really making the most of Christmas and everything that comes with it because I don't think we will be doing much come New Year's Eve (not that we are huge party types anyway). Your thoughts are appreciated.


Cacey said...

See this is one of the times it sucks that our little group is spread so far and wide! I wish we were all closer so we could help each other out in times like this! That being said, I will be thinking of you!

Janna said...

I agree with Cacey - I wish I could make you a casserole while you're recovering :)

I hope your surgery is smooth and successful and your recovery is quick with very little pain.


Maria said...

Thinking of you, and wishing I was casserole close, too.

Heather D said...

Feeling fortunate that I am "Casserole Close"...expect one for Christmas :-). I also want to remind you of my offer to drive kids around, have them over for a playdate and pick-up any groceries you may need when we are back from vacation after the 1st.