Monday, December 12, 2011

My Jewel

I was so good last spring, not posting any pictures of Jadyn in her ballet costume until after the recital. Well, this time around? I just can't find that kind of self-restraint. The recital is entitled "Jewels in Winter" and each performance is representing a different gem or jewel. Jadyn's class got amethyst, which just happens to be my birthstone and one of my very favorite colors, purple.

So here she is at her studio dress rehearsal last Thursday. We still have the stage dress rehearsal and photo shoot on Thursday and then the recital on Saturday. I was just thankful I remembered how to get her hair in a ballet bun!


Mel said...

I can see how you could not resist posting those pics - she is absolutely gorgeous!

Cacey said...

I was reading this post this morning and Elijah walked past me twice and did a double take both times. Ha ha! Watch out!