Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Claus Came to Town

It was the day before Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring and scurrying about. We had to prepare for one last party before we could get ready for Santa's arrival.

So we gathered all the presents and we got all dressed up and we took take after take to get just the right shot:

Then we went to Aunt Leigh's and ate some tamales and let the kids play with their cousins and open more surprises.

When we got home, we were quick to prepare, ccokies, milk and letters to Santa, sat next to Jelfie our elf on the shelf. There were carrots and reindeer food for Santa's faithful pets. And tearful good-byes to our own scout elf.

One quick look at Norad, the big guy was in Wyoming. This convinced the kids that he really was coming. Then the kids were all snuggled sound in their beds while us parents wrapped presents and did all the rest.

Christmas morning came to soon, 3 a.m to be exact but with coffee and excitement it was hard to be mad. The kids declared that Santa had done great. Getting them just what they wanted they played to their hearts content. (Side note about the early waking. Joe had told the kids anytime after midnight they could get up and go through their stockings ONLY. They were not to wake us up to open gifts under the tree until at least 5 am. I happened to wake up and went to watch them and "accidentally" threw a toy grenade that "Santa" had so thoughtfully put in Jake's stocking. That pretty much woke up Joe and well, since the whole family was up, we figured we might as well get Christmas morning started right then and there.)

We made a grand breakfast including my first attempt at monkey bread (YUM), evil potatos with bacon and toast and a special Santa pancake for Jadyn.

Mommy got two beautiful Onyx and silver necklaces from the kids, a Kindle and scented lotion from Joe and a candle and movie from Santa.

Daddy got the Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus, shirts, a book, Scott Pilgrim on Blu-Ray, a Nerf Vortex gun so he can now fight with his son and from me - a boat anchor that I think was able to truly surprise him with.

Jake got MegaBlocks legos, a tank, some Magic Tree House books, PJs, a rock tumbler and some cool stocking stuffers. I think he was excited to get what he wanted:

Jadyn got the Calico Critters townhouse with accessories, an art and craft bucket, some early readers and PJs and this - Mommy Fennec the Fox from Grandpa and Grandma Funny Nose (Build a Bear) she named Desi (short for desert, which is it's natural habitat) and a baby Fennec in her stocking she named Sahara. We have seen these super cute small noctural creatures at the local zoo and they are just as cute in person:

Throughout the day we played with all our new toys and gadgets and we all took naps at some point. We then went to Cruz and Tara's for Christmas dinner, good company and a look at their beautifully decorated home.

It was truly a Christmas to remember.

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