Thursday, December 22, 2011

It was bound to happen sooner or later

We have been incredibly fortunate in the illness department since school started in late August, especially considering Jadyn was being introduced to a new germ pool with her starting kindergarten. But atlas, Thursday night Jake started with the tell-tale signs of a cold and by the night of Jadyn's recital, he was clearly not feeling well. Luckily he was able to make it to school Friday for the "day before Christmas break" festivities.

Sunday we had plans to all go to Grandma Anita's to learn how to make her world-famous and most delicious fudge but not wanting to spread germs to her especially, Joe took Jadyn while I opted to stay home with Jake. And that turned out just fine as I was able to spend some very rare quality time with my favorite little guy. And so it was not very surprising when later that night, I started not feeling so great. Actually, I was glad to just get it and get it over with. I couldn't and can't afford to be sick next week with my upcoming surgery.

The unfortunate part of me getting sick was that we were expecting company. My mom and her husband George arrived Monday evening for their visit and we also had my Grandmother and three Aunts - Clara, Cindy and Phyllis over too. We had a nice visit but by the end of the evening, I was wiped out.

Despite not feeling 100%, we did manage to take a trip to the park to feed the ducks and see the turtles as well as go to see Arthur Christmas (cute Christmas movie!). Here are the kids and I at the park:

I also managed to have Joe take pictures of the kids and I in our casual holiday attire. I have to laugh too because Kuma just spontaneously decided to join us and actually sat and cooperated like he totally understood what was going on. Originally, I wasn't even going to try and have him in the picture!

So no surprise that while Jake and I are feeling better, poor Jadyn is now sick. I am pretty sure that she will be on the mend soon and we will all be better right on time (or maybe that is just wishful thinking) for a weekend of holiday gatherings and of course Santa's big visit, but I think we will all be sad to say good-bye to Jelfie. Waking up to his daily antics and/or hiding spots has been a big hit this season.

Here he is after gathering some holiday bears for a late night game of Candyland:

So here is to the last big push of holiday cheer and to hopefully getting and staying healthy!

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