Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Star Students

Last week Jadyn got to to be the start student for her class. It is a chance for each student to feel special for the week and share things about themselves. Her particular teacher chooses the star student by simply going in alphabetical order

Jadyn was very excited and eagerly came home that day and immediately started to fill it out, color and paste pictures to make the star student poster her own. Here she is the next day showing it off before I took her to school:

I was fortunate enough to be volunteering on the day that she got to get up in the front of the class and share her poster. She was just a little soft-spoken but did very well in front of the class.

Most importantly, I wanted to share some of the things she included on the poster because I thought it was a good snapshot of Jadyn and things that are important to her now. It might be fun to compare it in years to come.

Some of her favorite things to do: Play soccer, dance, swim and bake cookies with her Daddy.

Two of her special friends are Riley (from school) and Adriana (our neighbor).

She is happiest when she is dancing.

Her favorite place is the river.

Her family lives in a house with pigeons on top (don't ask, unfortunately it is true) and includes Mom, Dad, brother, Kuma, Jazz and Friday.

Now prepare for your heart to melt - If she could have anything in the world it would be for all cats and dogs to find homes and families to love them.

In class she got to answer one additional question of what she might want to be when she grows up. Her answer was an art teacher. At the beginning of the year it was a soccer coach. Both interesting choices. That's my girl!

In other news Jake won the academics award in his class for the month of September for his handwriting. I have had more than one parent comment on how neat he writes and how funny that the neatest handwriter in the class is in fact, not a girl. He won a certificate and a free meal at Carrow's, which will be going to soon for breakfast so we can celebrate his achievement. Go Jake!


Joanna said...

Very cute. Michael's teacher does that to. I love that some of the coolest ideas teachers have end up going from coast to coast. I will say that Jadyn's is much more detailed than what Michael put together. Also, so sweet about the animals.

Very impressive about Jake and his writing.

Karen said...

Michael's school has the PAL of the Week but it's the same idea. That's a pretty neat poster and Jadyn looks very proud of it.