Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mama Taxi Gets Demoted

Our school district just realized after a year and half of "charging" bus fees that they were only recouping 4% of the cost of transportation so they decided to rescind the fees. So, in order to help cut down on my multiple trips to the school, Jadyn started riding the bus home this week. She was super excited and only slightly nervous. Friday we met the driver and then followed the bus to the bus stop so she could see where to get off and was even more excited to see her boy friend (she was very specific) Dylan who also gets off at the same stop.

So today, I was at the bus stop waiting for her. It happened so quick. I saw the bus pull up and Jadyn smiling in the window sitting next to Dylan. I had hoped to get a better picture but she was concentrating very hard on not falling down the stairs as she got out. She loved it and I love the saved trip to the school.

For now, I will continue to pick up Jake. He is very nervous to ride the bus and it would be much different for him as he would be with all the kids grade 1st-6th whereas Jadyn is on the bus with only other kindergartners.

Having them take the bus TO school makes little sense as I have to be at the school twice a week to volunteer in each of their classrooms and once a week, I pass right by their school on the way to yoga.

So for now mama taxi is taking a demotion, giving up one of three trips to the school 5 days a week, although in all fairness it hadn't been quite that bad as I had been carpooling with another kindy mom who also decided to put her daughter on the bus. But still, it's time and gas saved and just another sign that the kids are growing up TOO fast.


Karen said...

I drive Michael to school every day but let him take the bus home because the little kids are napping. I would let him take the bus to school too but it just comes too early!

Joanna said...

After 5 years of daycare drop offs, I confess that I love the bus. And watching Michael climb down those big stairs is so cute. Jadyn looks just as adorable.

Michael's bus has a strict "Little kids upfront" policy, not sure if Jake's does or not, but it seems to work well.