Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costume Preview

After soccer games on Saturday we had the perfect opportunity to try out this year's Halloween costumes, participate in some fun activities at a fellow elementary school's fall festival and hang out with some great friends - The Davis Family.

First a photo op at home with my little strawberry butterfly and Jr. Marine (Jake had to do an "action" shot):

At the fall festival, the kids got to trick or treat at several of the classrooms, go through a hay maze, play a bean bag toss, sit on a tractor pulled hay ride (it broke down, what can you do?), eat yummy brats and chips, go through their very first haunted house, which neither of my kids were too scared by (Jadyn surprised me) and finally, bounce to their little hearts' content in a bounce house, all with former preschool classmates and current soccer teammates Chris and Stephanie and their little brother Landon. Even if it was a little too warm for a "fall" festival, a good time was still had by all.


Angela said...

HA, that action shot. BOYS!! :-) Looks like a fabulous weekend!!

LauraC said...

Love all the pics, particularly the one of Jake at the end!

Julie said...

Love Jadyn's costume! I always have to think about how we could stay warm in a costume, so the fairies and princesses and ballerinas are usually out.