Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

With the weather still mild for this time of year and the forecast calling for record-breaking heat later in the week, when we found out Jake's Tuesday night soccer practice had been canceled, we took advantage of the opportunity to make a weekday (read: MUCH less crowded) visit to our favorite pumpkin patch.

Now that the kids are older, pictures are much easier. I tell them we are going to take some pictures first and the quicker they cooperate, the sooner we can get to the more fun activities. However, it was still pretty sunny when we got there so we diverted from our original plan. First up was the hay castle:

Followed by Jake's favorite, the corn maze. It is not as simple as going in and finding your way out. In order to earn the prize you have to find 4 stations hidden throughout the maze and stamp them before proceeding to the exit. Jake is really good at figuring these things out and I love watching him analyze the situation. He found 3 out of the 4 stations and we celebrated our victory by showing off the orange bracelets we won:

We quickly traipsed through the actual pumpkin patch. I think we came earlier in the season than usual because the patch seemed full of ripe orange pumpkins to choose from:

The kids then explored the ride area, each picking out a few bounce house/obstacle course type attractions. Jadyn rode a horse:

And after a little convincing, Jake rode a mini-quad and loved it just as we suspected he would:

Finally, what we, .... um I, came for. Some great posed Halloween/Fall photos!

Although I really do enjoy getting the photos, I think the corn maze is a personal favorite for me as well. And it is outings like this (finished off with dinner at Ruby's) that easily makes fall one of my favorite times of the year.


Carrie77 said...

Great photos! Love the picture of her on the horse.

Beth said...

Your pictures make me so jealous! If I could get my children to pose together and smile nicely JUST ONCE, I'd be on cloud 9! Glad you got the opportunity to go!