Monday, October 24, 2011

Magoomba and MeMe

Haven't blogged much. Been busy yes but I could have blogged should their have been anything really blog-worthy. To give you an idea of how much our lives have been "lather, rinse repeat" I didn't take a single picture from October 11th until this past Saturday. For me, that is virtually unheard of. There have been a few highlights from the past couple of weeks, so here they are:

1) First of all for the "lather, rinse repeat" - kids school Mon-Fri, soccer practice every night Mon-Thurs, family move night Friday, soccer games Saturday morning, relax and errands rest of the weekend. For Joe add work and school. For me add work, volunteering in both kids classrooms, walks and visits to the dog park with Kuma, doctor appointments and yoga on Thursdays.

2) Last Saturday Grandpa and Grandma Funny Nose came out to watch the kids soccer games. Afterwards, we tried a somewhat new restaurant the next town over called Willie Boy's. It is saloon, BBQ type place. Atmosphere was pretty cool. Food was just okay. Visit with family was great.

3) Last week, the kids school started a new number system for pick-up. After two days, Jake caved in and decided to try the bus home as the new system was rather chaotic. I am very happy he was finally willing to give the bus a try because it is a lot less stressful and time consuming on me. Now I can just head to the bus stop at 1pm to get Jadyn and 3 pm to get Jake and not deal with sitting in line for 30+ minutes or the traffic or the people who choose to ignore the rules. And the kids both get to ride the bus with their best friends. Win-win for everyone!

4) In other school news, Jake's teacher sent home a progress report and we have discovered that Jake is still lagging behind a little bit in reading comprehension and for those with only younger children - I at least was not aware that while first grade has a big focus on learning to read more and more words, second grade's big focus is comprehension so it is a good idea to make sure not only that they can read the words and the stories but that they understand what they are reading. We are currently supplementing Jake's homework with a reading comprehension workbook and may have to look into what about the particular test they use seems to be tripping it up. However, I am confident he will pull those scores back up in no time.

5) Now for the meme - my TV schedule is slowly but surely thinning out. After having several of my shows either end or get canceled last year, I also decided to drop Private Practice (needs to go away) like I did Desperate Housewives last year. I also gave American Horror Story a shot since I love, love love Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck and Glee) but it is all dark and no dark humor and not really my cup of tea right now. So that leaves Monday: Gossip Girl and HIMYM, Tuesday: Glee, New Girl and Ringer, Wednesday: catch up from Tuesday, Thursday: BEST DAY with Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy, Friday: Fringe (Peter's finally BACK!) and Sunday: Amazing Race.

6) Books - Currently reading the Maze Runner trilogy, on book #2 of #3, The Scorch Trials then Death Cure. THEN, I want to re-read Matched before the highly-anticipated sequel, Crossed comes out November 1st. Also, contemplating re-reading Breaking Dawn before I go to a midnight showing of Part 1 on November 17th. Not expecting much from the movie since I didn't really like the book but I have to stick with tradition and with the group of ladies I have going, it is sure to be fun!

7) Music: iTune adds for the month (most are ones I wanted last month but held off on): Mutemath: Blood Pressure, Young the Giant: Cough Syrup, Grouplove: Colours, Hello: Martin Solveig & Dragonette, Red Hot Chili Peppers: Rain Dance Maggie, Coldplay: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Beastie Boys:Don't Play No Game that I Can't Win, Foster the People: Helena Beat

8) Speaking of iTunes, I am due for my phone upgrade with Verizon who now has iPhone. Perfect timing with the new 4s coming out. Joe ordered me one (thanks babe!) and it should be arriving this week. Looking for app recommendations and any cool features on the new phone I must know about. Super excited!

9) We have new tenants in our rental. Yippeee!

10) Tons of blogging material this week - Red Ribbon Week and book fair at school (I am mucho busy volunteering on top of my days in the classroom), and Halloween activities this weekend. Plus, later this week hear how we spend this past weekend and a costume preview. So stay tuned.

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Karen said...

It's Red Ribbon Week at Michael's school too. Tomorrow is crazy sock day. Thanks for sharing your playlist. I like several of the songs on there!