Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warning this story does not have a happy ending

I like being able to teach the kids true life lessons, even if sometimes they are tough. I think they have a pretty good grasp on the circle of life and have unfortunately experienced already the deaths of 3 pets - our poor kitten that we think was taken by a coyote back in November 2009 and then the passing of both our dogs this last year. They have seen some of the little creatures that the cats sometimes catch, especially now that it is spring. Jazz and Friday have caught some lizards, mice, birds and a couple of desert squirrels.

Last week however, I found Jazz running through the backyard with a baby bunny. That is one animal that I have always had a hard time with because when the cats catch a bunny, it is almost always invariably a baby and second of all, baby bunnies are about the cutest thing ever. Anyway, I managed to get the bunny from Jazz and after checking it over briefly, it appeared to possibly be okay. There was no blood or visible wounds.

Jadyn was witness to all of this. She knew the possibility that it might be too late for the bunny but after looking it over and it seemingly being okay, Jadyn asked to hold it and I consented. So she and I and even Jake held the little bunny, tried to calm it down, petted it and gave it some love.

After a few minutes, I told her it was time to let the bunny go and I went outside to set it free. The only problem was (and this is where it gets hard), it couldn't walk. And it wasn't just one bad leg It appears that when Jazz captured the poor thing, she damaged it's spinal cord. There was no hope and I am not one to let an animal suffer. So Joe did what he had to do and without going into details, we explained what happened to the kids - that it was better to put the bunny out of it's misery, that it couldn't live a happy life with it being injured the way it was and that we did the best we could for the bunny by giving it lots of cuddles and love and then doing what had to be done. It was a good learning experience for all.

Jadyn didn't take it well at all. She cried for quite some time and was visibly upset the rest of the day. I felt so bad for her. She has such a big heart and especially when it comes to animals. Joe was a little upset with me that I let her hold it and get attached to it but honestly, I was the same way as a child. I don't know that I wouldn't do the same thing again but I think I would be more careful to make sure the animal was in good condition first. And again, once Jadyn was over the heartache, I still think it is a good lesson in doing what is best, even when it is hard and the circle of life.

And now to make everyone else suffer with us, here are the pictures I took of the cutest baby bunny that ever lived with Jadyn holding it. Rest in peace little guy.


Lindsay said...

We've been honest with that stuff with our boys, too. Add in the hunting/fishing element at our house, and it has made for some interesting lessons!

LauraC said...

Very good to teach them lessons early so it just seems normal to them!

Mel said...

Oh my, the look on Jadyn's face.....sniff sniff sniff....So far, we have been lucky enough to avoid the whole death issue, but my cat has one foot in the grave, so it is only a matter of time. But I just want to hug little Jadyn.