Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another season for the record books

Jake finished another season of Little League, ending last Friday with closing ceremonies. It was his first year in this league (since moving) and his first year NOT playing t-ball. He had a rough start getting used to the pitching machine and playing with slightly older kids who have a more advanced skill set BUT he had a great group of teammates, a really good coach and by the end of the season he was really upping his game, hitting every at bat and really starting to get the feel for fielding. It almost made me wish that the season was just a wee bit longer but hopefully it is foundation he can build on for next year.


On base:

Running home:


Receiving his trophy and a congratulatory handshake from his coach at closing ceremonies:


Beth said...

Awwww. Congrats to Jake! Gotta love a great lesson in practice, perserverance, and the huge sense of accomplishment in the end. Awesome!

Stacey said...

As a fellow baseball mom, I love these pictures! I'm so glad it got better for him.