Monday, June 6, 2011

Jadyn's first recital

It seems like both Jadyn and I have been preparing for weeks, her learning the routine, me learning how to get her hair in a decent ballet bun but after a studio day rehearsal, picture day, and dress rehearsal, the big day of her first ballet recital had finally arrived this last Saturday.

As her mom I suppose I am a little biased, but I just thought she looked beyond adorable in her costume and she was just positively thrilled at the chance to dress up, wear a little lip gloss and blush and have sparkles sprayed in her hair. She did a really good job on stage, not smiling a whole lot because she was concentrating but not exhibiting any signs of stage fright either. She definitely said she liked being up there and wants to do it again.

I am sure she didn't mind all the attention she got either. Grandpa and Grandma Fenenoz, Great-Grandpa and Grandma Stevens, Aunt Leigh and cousins Aidan and Lilly all joined Daddy and Jake in the audience. As the backstage mom, I was with her until she lined up to go on stage and then got to sneak into the front row to watch her perform. At intermission Jake gave her a bouquet of mixed carnations and she got her final birthday gift - a recital bear as a keepsake of the occasion.

Striking a pose on the day of her studio dress rehearsal:

Taken in her room before leaving for the dress rehearsal:

Group photo:

Start of the dance:

Such concentration (or she was looking at her teacher in the wings, LOL!)

Butterfly turns (one of her favorite parts):

Bowing at the end (one of my favorite parts):

With her bear after the night of the recital:

Needless to say it was a big day for Jadyn and she fell asleep half sitting up on the couch clutching her new bear. She made us all very proud.

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Mel said...

AWWWW! She just looks beautiful! So graceful and pretty.