Friday, June 24, 2011

So far.....

So far in just 2 weeks, we have put a pretty good dent in our summer to-do list.

We have....

- been swimming in our pool
- started swim lessons

- blew bubbles, which Kuma likes to jump after and try and eat
- tried out glow in the dark sidewalk chalk
- had friends over to swim and spend the night
- watched movies together as a family
- visited Rose and family at their new house and used a Slip and Slide for the first time
- went to the library to check out books and sign up for the summer reading program

By far the most precious summer memory so far occurred on Wednesday night. Jake especially really wanted to reach the first week's goal of having read 90 minutes. Jadyn gets minutes for reading or being read to so they laid down on the couch together and Jake proceeded to read a 5 chapter, 64 page book about frog and toad while Jadyn cuddled up to him listening intently.

And my heart melts. Along with everything else as we are finally in high 90's, about to reach 100 degree summer weather.


Karen said...

I love Jake reading to Jadyn! I cannot wait for this day in my household. The big brother/little sister relationship can be so awesome.

Lindsay said...

My heart melts, too, and they aren't even my kids!!! I can't WAIT for reading!

Angela said...

So sweet! And also reassuring to know these moments are in our future, right now its a lot of fighting--drives me batty! I just wrote a similar post this morning, scheduled to go live tomorrow. Summer has been fun here! Also, slip n slide, bet they had a blast!

Stacey said...

That picture and anecdote is amazing! You have beautiful kids.