Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Summer To-Do List

Last summer I mostly flew by the seat of my pants and then I recall in August feeling really ready to go back to structure and routine. So, to help me this summer, even though I do want to enjoy it and have more time for fun and relaxation then we do during the rest of the year, I am also setting the groundwork to ensure I don't feel so frazzled as I did towards the end last summer.

But the most fun part of the planning was sitting down with the kids on Friday (our first official day of summer vacation) and making a list of all the cool and fun things we want to do this summer. So here it is:

- swim in our pool as much as possible
- go to the spa pools
- swim lessons
- go to the beach
- go to the river with Kuma
- attend a baseball game (most likely minor league, but an Angels game would be nice too)
- stay in a hotel
- go to the library to check out books and participate in the summer reading program
- read books
- go the park (Sunburst, Community, Knott Sky)
- See Cars 2 and the final Harry Potter film in the theater
- concert in the park
- play hide and seek
- play with bubbles
- play with the water table
- watch all the Star Wars movies again for family movie night(s)
- play board games more often
- have friends over to play and spend the night
- see fireworks
- BBQ as much as possible
- visit the kittens at the shelter

And to make sure we got started on the list ASAP, Joe set the pool up on Sunday (seriously with the mild spring we had this is the latest we have EVER set it up). The kids really enjoy playing in it while it is filling up.

We all went back in for a swim later in the afternoon when it was complete. We spent the rest of the day napping, watching movies and having breakfast for dinner. It was the perfect preview of a lazy summer day at home with the family. I am not sure what will get checked off the list next but am looking forward to hopefully checking off each and every one of the items on our list.

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Janna said...

I heart summer and I heart lists, so, this blog post made my day!

I'm jealous of your kids' pool :)